Sunday, August 2, 2020


UPDATE:  08/16/2020/1900pdt---SoHo Station was reformed following some other factors, variables, etc.

Bleu du Nord, "Northern Blue," has all the components for rebranding: a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a dot-com, along with this blog. 

08/02/2020--w/o the dot-com of "sohostation," the other pages, on FB and Blogger, are useless. Rebrand in order following all song downloads from Reverbnation & Soundcloud, and removal of accts. The Twitter page has been changed to @jameslangelle and the blog at login has been changed to "" The Facebook page has been unpublished and due to be deleted in 14 days. SoHo Station is permanently closed. All songs on the two music pages were downloaded and saved to a thumb drive.

1939 PDT--Acid Studio 11.0 installed, trial, 30 days.....TRIALC-39408-
Chord Pulse downloaded for a trial run...both items are, indispensible..