Sunday, October 20, 2019

#SYRIA---Pkk/Ypg Egress Corridor from "Safe Zone"--INTELREP 001


(Route 217)--Various claims and reports are now being made available of the planned retreat of the YPG forces from border towns as part of the cease-fire agreement and Operation Peace Spring. The following intel shows vehicles in convoys exiting various areas although none are given specific positions or corridors of exit.

.. The above video is just over 3 and one-half minutes long and shows vehicles in convoys from two different vantage points. It is unclear whether these are the same vehicles, if they are indeed Kurd fighters leaving town and the number of occupants in each vehicle. The first segment shows approximately 20 vans and the video stops at 01:13; there are no flatbed vehicles in this convoy.

     The second segment shows about 40 vehicles, all white, with about a dozen pickup trucks and flatbeds in the formation. They all pass under a gate on the road, presumably headed out of the city.
     The egress corridor appears to be along the 716 route south as indicated by the gate in the video. Images of the gate can be found at the end of the video as well as from an overhead shot of Route-716.
     Note also the shadows indicating the time of day as the vehicles pass under the gate.

Co-ordinates of the gate appear to be (36.84N,40.08E). The flatbeds in the video have various packs and bundles on the bed of the vehicles but there is no direct evidence that weapons, small arms,  are being transported out of the city.

IntelReps to follow as information made available.




     (Qere Qozaq Dam)--An AFP correspondent saw more than 70 US armoured vehicles escorted by helicopters drive past the town of Tal Tamr carrying military equipment. Some flew the American stars-and-stripes flag as they made their way eastwards along a highway crossing the town, he said. The Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights said the convoy was evacuating the military base of Sarrin.************************************** The army entered the villages of Salmas, Um al-Kheir and Gharnata in the western countryside of Tal Tamer were the locals gathered to greet the entering soldiers Salmas, Um al-Kheir and Gharnata In another development, the Syrian army units thwarted an attempt by a group of Turkish regime's mercenaries to infiltrate into the army's points in al-Ahras village in the northwest of Tal Tamer. *************************************** On the opposite side, the Turkish regime forces and mercenaries on Saturday occupied two villages in Ras Al-Ein in Hasaka countryside following heavy artillery shelling and despite the Turkish regime’s announcement of suspending airstrikes for 120 hours. The Turkish occupation forces also cut off the Tal-Tamer-Ras Al-Ain road. The villages are Jan Tamer Sharqi and al-Shukreya, according to SANA. *********************************************** Units of Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday expanded their deployment in villages and towns of Tal Tamer in Hasaka north-western countryside as part of their duties in defending the Homeland against the Turkish aggression and its mercenary terrorists. SANA reported that the army units entered several new villages in Tal Tamer town, and expanded deployment at a distance of 15 km in the villages of al-Arbaeen, Lylan, al-Ameriyah, al-Tawilah reaching to al-Ahras and al-Manajir northwest of the town.************************************************************* The aggression targeted sites for the separatist QSD militias in the villages of Mishrafa, Khirbet al-Banat, al-Asadyah, Ber Nouh, Alouk, Nastel, Azizyah, Azizyah school synchronising with an artillery shelling that targeted Ayn Issa in Tal Abyad of Raqqa northern countryside. ******************************************************** The Islamist fighters entered the village of Alouk, which is 4 kilometers (2½ miles) from Ras al-Ain on Sept. 14. "We all fled, they stole everything. The YPG helped us a lot, they are good people," said Abu Ghalid, a villager. "They came to us and told us that they had come to free us from the YPG. We told them Alouk is an Arab village and that there is no YPG here," he continued.******************************************************